~To Loving Homes Only~
~Precious Pebble Pets~
Ordinary rocks transformed into unique pieces of art!

Pet Portraits
Make a unique gift or pet memorial

An original, hand painted rock portrait is a beautiful and unique way to celebrate a cherished pet or remember one in a special painting that will last a lifetime. Your one-of-a-kind pet portrait will measure approx. 2" - 2 1/2" and is sealed with a protective finish. The time frame for completion will be approximately 1 week. I request (via email) clear, close-up pictures (face & body) and any pertinent information about the subject. The quality of my painting relies on the quality of the images I have to work with. Please email me with any questions.





Owners Comments -"My friend just gave me a rock painting you made of my dog Rocky. I love it!!!
I wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to do such a beautiful job. It's something that I will always cherish."
- Dan
Owners Comments - "What can I say..you are extraordinary. Your painting of Michi captured
her so purrfectly that I was blown away. I cannot begin to thank you - there simply is no way
- I have her next to my bed, and look at her in purrson & in art the minute I wake up. "
- Nina

Painting on ROCKS?
They're like potato chips ....you just can't have one!
These natural stone paintings have such a tangible, accessible quality. I like holding it, looking at it from different angles.
I like the uniqueness and unexpected quality of transforming such a natural surface into a realistic, three dimensional painting.

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